13 Reasons to Visit

13 Reasons to Visit Our Church

1 Cor 13-13

13. We are fearlessly faithful – Why else would we have “13” reasons?  Who does that?   We do!  Why?   It’s because we aren’t afraid to be bold.  We aren’t afraid to question tradition.  We aren’t afraid to take responsible risks, because we have faith that God created us with the means to adapt, overcome, and thrive no matter what circumstances we encounter.  Thirteen knows what it feels like to be left out, but we are an all inclusive church, so we don’t fear the gossip and unsubstantial reputation that thirteen has endured for centuries.  We embrace thirteen, feed black cats that cross our path, make broken mirrors into mosaics, and walk under ladders to steady them for others.  Be bold and join us in our fearless quest to go forth and experience the life God intended us to have!


12. You have questions – …about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, church, religion, science, the world, love, life, and the plethora of uses for the common drinking straw.  Not only do we encourage questions, but we have questions too!  We believe that God gave us the gifts of intellect and reasoning to watch us create, accomplish, and succeed.  Personal growth is enhanced when we question and continue to learn, and it’s a vital part of our journey.  Come learn and grow with us, and share what you’ve learned along the way with the rest of us!

11. You are passionate about “something” – Jesus was the ultimate revolutionary and he loves it when we get involved in the world around us.  Do you feel strongly about something and are looking to get involved, but don’t know where to start?  Not only do we have a lot of ideas, but we have people actively reaching out to help social, environmental, and spiritual causes.  Check out our Outreach page, or join us and discuss topics you feel passionate about.  Jesus taught that helping others not only makes the world a better place, but it also gives us a sense of belonging, teaches us to be grateful for what we have, and increases our level of compassion and joy.  We would love for you to join us and get involved!

Church & Woodard

10. We are easy to find – We are right on the main street of Absarokee, on the corner of CHURCH and Woodard.  Coincidence?   We think not!  Maybe someone is trying to subliminally influence you to stop in and check us out. *hint hint*

Happy Fingers by Cornacchia_xd

Photo courtesy of the talented Magdalena.

9. You need to know you aren’t alone – God loves us, and is always with us, but sometimes we aren’t able to feel God’s love for whatever reason.  Sometimes we feel isolated and disconnected from everything and everyone.  Here at Community Congregational Church we’d like to think that the members of our congregation are like God’s arms waiting to embrace everyone with a comforting welcome.  At the foundation of the United Church of Christ is the belief “That they may all be one.”  (John 17:21)  We truly believe that and seek to have meaningful connections with one another.  And who knows, maybe your presence is needed to be of comfort to someone else who feels the same.

8. You are up early on Sunday morning with nothing to do – Come join us!  Sure, you could sit home engrossed in a C-Span marathon, but wouldn’t it be more fun to hang out with us and listen to a message of joy and hope?  If nothing else you could sit and bask in the warm glow of congregational happiness.  **Warning** doing so could energize you for the whole week!

7. You don’t keep up with the Kardashians or the Joneses – God doesn’t care whether you shop at Macy’s or Goodwill, and neither do we.  God’s own son was born homeless and lived the life of a minimalist.  We believe that everyone is equal regardless of social or financial status.  We don’t care where you live, what you own, or how you dress.  All we care about is “you”, and we want you to join us so we can experience your awesomeness firsthand!


Photo courtesy of the talented Kristina Alexanderson.

6. You believe God loves everyone – Just as we believe God doesn’t care where you shop, we also don’t believe there is any discrimination based on age, race, creed, gender identity or sexual orientation, physical or mental challenge, or any other difference.  God doesn’t care if you have tattoos, a cowlick that looks like an antenna, an extra toe, or a carrot for a nose.  We are all God’s uniquely created children and are loved unconditionally.  God doesn’t make mistakes or garbage, and if we were intended to be the same we would be living in a sea of identical clones.  God created diversity for us to embrace diversity, which is why we strive to be a congregation that accepts everyone equally.

Fuel Gauge

5. You believe that life is a journey – We believe that all of us are on a spiritual journey and that God isn’t done with us yet.  Don’t ever feel like you aren’t far enough along to join us.  Keep in mind that just because someone excels in one area of life, doesn’t mean the do in all aspects.   Everyone has some area where they can improve, and we encourage honest self reflection and the desire to be the person God envisioned us to be when we were created.  Whoever you are, and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

4. You are searching for that elusive ½ full glass – You’ve heard about it, and you may have read about it, but for some it’s nearly impossible to see the glass as half full.  No, we aren’t talking about blind optimism where you pretend that everything is wonderful when it really isn’t.  The half full glass is about perspective.  Sometimes in the midst of uncertainty, grief, or chaos it is important to appreciate that we have a glass at all, regardless of whether or not it’s filled.  Empty glasses are teeming with potential, and that could be said about many situations in life.  Things can always be worse, so it’s important to discover gratitude for what we do have, instead of always dwelling on what we don’t have.  If we can start by being happy we have a glass, the rest has a way of working itself out.  God has a plan and our faith in him will help us find clarity.  We invite you to join us so we can help foster that glass is half full perspective to keep you motivated in the right direction!

3. You believe laughter and fun are part of a well balanced spiritual diet – Of course we embrace things like reverence, accountability, and integrity as important parts of the spiritual food pyramid, but laughter is one of the essential ingredients that promotes hope, joy, and a positive attitude.  Do you ever get that warm, fuzzy feeling when you hear children giggling hysterically for no apparent reason, or absorb the contagious warmth of others who are excited about their next adventure?  That’s how God feels when he sees us enjoying the life he’s given us.  Every day is a gift, and when we can find time to laugh we are truly making the most of the time we have been given!

Science Spirit Wisdom

2. You believe that religion and science can coexist harmoniously – Do you remember that time the church was adamant the Earth was flat and it was the center of the universe?  (If so, Guinness Book might want to speak to you about your longevity.)  While there is still a small but passionate following of the flat earth theory, the majority of people accept that scientific observation gives us reason to believe we inhabit a spinning globe that circles the Sun.  Not only did God give us the intellect to discover the mysteries of the world around us, but he created all the complexities we seek to understand.  Why wouldn’t he want us to explore and discover through scientific investigation?  That would be like a parent giving a child a puzzle and saying, “No dear, I don’t want you to put it together.  Instead I want you to stare at the pieces and contemplate what they might look like if you connected them.”  God is still speaking and we believe that scientific inquiry is intended to be a meaningful part of his message.  You can read more about opinions on this here, and here.

1. God is still speaking, – And what better way to hear him than to join us and experience his message for yourself?  Open your heart and your mind and let him fill you with his wisdom, love, and vision for the future!