Meet the Team!

Chief Executive Officer of eve.ry.thing. Honestly.
God is why the word "awesome" was invented, and is the creative force behind everything and everyone. Impressive, right? God's wisdom and vision for each person is why God's personal investment in "you" as an individual is so important. You were created to be uniquely wonderful just the way you are, and God wants to see you thrive, succeed, and be happy!
Chief Earthly Officer
Jesus came to live among the people so he could provide hands-on guidance. While God is the creator who was the mastermind behind the uniqueness of "you", Jesus is the one who wants to help guide you through life. He is both a healer and a revolutionary, so he wants you to be whole as well as empowered.
The Holy Spirit
Chief Existential Officer
The Holy Spirit is inside each one of us and it's designed to guide us from the inside out. This is your conscience, your wisdom, and what is responsible for those "ah ha!" moments that provide clarity. The Holy Spirit is God's direct link to you, and if you are willing to pay attention it can be the compass that leads you in the right direction.
Photo by the talented Terri LeSaint-Keller